100th Celebration with author Kate Zaliznock
Crime CapsuleMay 09, 202400:24:07

100th Celebration with author Kate Zaliznock

Congratulations to Crime Capsule for reaching 100 episodes. Today, we're celebrating returning a former guest, Kate Zaliznock, author of The San Francisco Doodler Murders.

In 1974, one of San Francisco's most horrific unsolved serial murder cases began.

In less than two years, the man police called "The Doodler'? took at least five lives, terrorized the LGBTQ community, and left three survivors forever changed. Initial reports claimed the murderer didn't approach his victims with the knife he used to kill them but that the suspect shared skilled drawings--sketches of faces and animals--before leaving several gay men to bleed out in the sands of Ocean Beach. Police investigations and activist efforts to uncover the killer led to several suspects but no definitive identification of the artist of death.

Author Kate Zaliznock shines a light on this riveting cold case.