Meet Sanjay Bangar, the coach
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Meet Sanjay Bangar, the coach

India opener. Domestic stalwart. Successful IPL team head coach. India batting coach. And now batting coach in IPL. Having donned various hats during his highly commendable cricketing sojourn, Sanjay Bangar - the Royal Challengers Bangalore batting coach who is also a parent to a promising cricketer - is now a co-founder of a cricket coaching app along with legendary Virender Sehwag. In a two-part freewheeling chat in "Gurucha Kaanmantra", Bangar explains various aspects of cricket coaching.    

  • How he became a coach/ mentor even before retiring from First Class cricketer (01m 30s)
  • Importance of imbibing basics of coaching in the 8-12 years age group (05m 07s)
  • Why should parents trust a coach (07m 17s)
  • Should coaches change natural batting technique (09m 44s)
  • Differences in coaching a domestic, international and IPL team (11m 57s)
  • How an indoor school coach in Manchester casually pinpointed a technical flaw in his batting (15m 01s)
  • Challenges of tweaking techniques midway through a series (17m 58s)
  • How he got India batters out of the "wide stance" theory that prevailed in India's (21m 00s)
  • Challenges of ensuring T20 overdose doesn't compromise batters' technique (23m 49s)
  • The need to institute an online coaching/ mentoring platform (27m 28s)
  • Can online coaching replace personalised coaching? (31m 36s)
  • When can Indian coaches dominate global coaching scenario? (38m 19s)
  • Outro (42m 23s)