Evolving in creative expression ft. Koel Purie

In this episode of "Chasing Creativity," Kiran Manral engages in a captivating conversation with the versatile Koël Purie Rinchet. Join them as they delve into Koel's diverse body of work, which has seen her evolve from an actress to a television presenter, then a producer, and now to a celebrated author. Together, they demystify the art of storytelling, exploring the intricate process of creativity from Koel's perspective. They also discuss Koel's recent debut book, 'Clearly Invisible in Paris,' making this episode a must-listen for anyone passionate about creativity and storytelling. Tune in and be inspired by Koel Purie's infectious passion and boundless enthusiasm.

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Show credits:
Produced by: Taha Shamshuddin 
Sound Engineer: Siddharth Adhicary

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