EP 247: Exploring the life and legacy of Babur - The Timurid emperor! | Aabhas Maldahiyar(Architect, Historian & Author)
BharatvaartaApril 12, 202401:45:50

EP 247: Exploring the life and legacy of Babur - The Timurid emperor! | Aabhas Maldahiyar(Architect, Historian & Author)

This episode of the Bharatvaarta podcast features a deep dive into the life and complex legacy of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, with Aabhas Maldahiyar. Aabhas shares his transition from aspiring Marxist to a history enthusiast, inspired by his experiences at the Ajanta Caves and a scholarly environment fostered by his historian father. Aabhas explores Babur's unique background, tracing his lineage back to the secular Mongol empire and the Islamic Timurid empire, setting the stage for a nuanced discussion on Babur's early life, motivations, and the distinction of his invasion to Hindustan. The conversation extends to Babur's complex legacy, examining his personal traits, the dark periods of the Timurid era, and the impact of Timurid rule on India, including educational setbacks and conditions fostering British colonization. Through objective historiography and a reevaluation of Babur's contributions and characteristics, Abbas aims to provide a more nuanced understanding of India's past and the deep-seated influences on its historical trajectory, paving the way for forthcoming explorations of Persian influence and the broader context of European colonization.

00:00 Introduction
00:25 The Unlikely Journey from Architecture to History Writing
03:22 A Marxist Lens on History and Personal Transformation
09:16 Discovering the Richness of Indian History Through Architecture
16:29 Challenging Historical Narratives and Embracing Rationality
33:54 The Role of Social Media and Literature in Shaping Historical Perspectives
39:38 Fostering a New Generation of Historians and Cultural Researchers
47:19 Exploring the Controversial Legacy of Babur and the Babri Incident
52:11 Unraveling Historical GDP Data and Mughal Misconceptions
57:39 Diving Deep into Babur's Life and Legacy
57:41 Babur's Early Struggles and the Chessboard King
01:04:12 Babur's Invasion of Hindustan: Motivations and Impact
01:09:32 The Complex Legacy of Babur and the Mughal Dynasty
01:27:21 Exploring Babur's Personal Life and Controversies
01:42:34 The Future of Historical Narratives and Sequels