EP 244 : Ink, Identity, and India - A Conversation with Arnab Ray
BharatvaartaFebruary 15, 202401:56:30

EP 244 : Ink, Identity, and India - A Conversation with Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray is a cybersecurity engineer turned author and has written books like Shakchunni - his latest novel, The Mine, May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss and a book on Cybersecurity for medical devices as well. He is also a columnist for the times of India and a prominent social commentator.

In this wide ranging conversation Arnab talks to Roshan about the process of writing, how much research is important, the desi and hindu identities, howthey affect politics and society and so on!

00:00 Introduction
01:51 Writing process and philosophy
05:32 Staying relevant 
11:06 His latest novel - Shakchunni
18:00 Turning books into TV series
26:04 Does research matter while writing historic fiction
31:55 How has the Desi Identity evolved?
47:00 Has India's Global status impacted NRIs
52:42 Does the bengali identity subsume the Indian/hindu identity?
01:20:18 What is hindutva?
01:07:44 Is the Ayodhya Ram Mandir bringing people together?
01:16:34 Healing civilizational scars 
01:19:18 Will hinduphobia increase?
01:26:36 How are the 2 Indias reconciling
01:32:44 Arnab's thoughts on PM Modi
01:43:00 Why the BJP keeps winning
01:47:25 The state of Indian Cricket 
01:55:00 Closing thoughts