209 - China's Hegemonic Push | Christopher Balding | Velina Tchakarova | Bharatvaarta
BharatvaartaOctober 28, 2022x
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209 - China's Hegemonic Push | Christopher Balding | Velina Tchakarova | Bharatvaarta

An economist by background and inquisitive explorer by spirit, his research spans fields from CDS pricing to child adoption markets and Chinese loan classification. His borderline obsession with Chinese data, trying to better understand the worlds former fastest growing economy, laid the foundation for what would become New Kite Data Labs. He is excited to leave academia for a more stimulating, active, and challenging environment of doing and building with many projects to come. He lives somewhere, might be married, and probably has some kids.

In this episode, Christopher talks about the current state of affairs between USA and China, Why china doesn't need a trigger event to start a war on Taiwan, how the post US-China Decoupling world will look like and more in his conversation with Velina Tchakarova. 

00:00 Sneak Peak
01:20 Introduction
02:35 Key Takeaways from the CCP Congress
04:45 Xi's 3rd term & the CCP's relation with the chinese society
08:53 The Chinese Economy post Zero Covid
16:51 Current state of affairs between China and USA 
21:15 USA's U-Turn on China Policy / China's Support of Russia / Taiwan Escalation
27:41 Unexpected possible triggers for China - Taiwan war
35:49 Impact of US-China Decoupling 
40:54 Bifurcation of global Technology and networks? 
46:12 Europe's stance on China
54:00 Closing Remarks

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