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136 - ECommerce Policy Changes | Rajeev Mantri | Rameesh Kailasam | Policy | Bharatvaarta

The new draft e commerce policy by the government will touch upon  multiple aspects of the eCommerce business itself and has wide ranging  consequences for all stakeholders involved. Understandably, there's a  lot of debate, skepticism, on certain clauses of the policy. To make  sense of all of these policy proposals and understand what is the right  way to look at these circumstances.  In this episode, we have Rajeev Mantri, investor, bestselling author and  Managing Director at Navam Capital. He has appeared on many  Bharatvaarta podcasts before, speaking about startups, policy, and  related subjects. Joining him for the discussion is Rameesh Kailasam. He  is the CEO of, a think tank and industry group setup to  support Internet startups. Rameesh has over 2 decades of experience  working with the industry and the government. He's also a regular  columnist on Indian newspapers and appears on Indian television on  policy discussions.   We begin the episode by breaking down what the new reforms actually are,  along with the overlap in jurisdictions between multiple ministries.  Then, the guests deconstruct the effect of the proposed related party  clause. They also addressed topics such as flash sales and deep  discounting, redressal for grievances, and data protection. The guests  also presented possible protection for small businesses and regulations  for large players.