123 - Discussing 'Pallavas and Chalukyas - Coopetition in Stone' | Gurpreet Chopra | Bharath
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123 - Discussing 'Pallavas and Chalukyas - Coopetition in Stone' | Gurpreet Chopra | Bharath

The Pallavas and Chalukyas were some of the most influential kingdoms of  South India. Their art, architecture, and culture were the defining  traits of Ancient South Indian history, and their eternal architectural   battles against each other resulted in some of the most awe-inspiring  structures India has ever seen.

To explore the depth of Pallava  and Chalukya Architecture, authors Gurpreet Chopra and Bharath wrote the  book "Pallavas and Chalukyas - Coopetition in Stone". This coffee table  book is the author's endeavor to bring out the glorious achievements of  the Pallava and Chalukya dynasties and their awe-inducing temple  constructions which have left an indelible mark on India.

Their  creations were pioneering structures that each subsequent kingdom, which  followed them, learnt and adopted from. From the shores of  Mahabalipuram to the great temple town of Kanchi, and from the capital  town of Badami to Aihole and Pattadakal, the authors take the readers  through a picturesque journey of the temples of these two great  kingdoms.

Readers will experience the temple architecture, the  associated iconography, the inscriptions, the dynastic history and  patrons for the different structures through this visual treat.This is  an enthusiastic and joyful writing on the most beautiful monuments of  the Pallava rulers of Kanchi around 700 CE and also the Chalukyas of  Badami at Aihole and Pattadakkal of the same time.

In this  episode, the authors discussed the genesis of the book, along with their  journey of writing it. We then explored the unique elements of Pallava  and Chalukya architecture, as well as the most signficant contributions  of both these empires. We also delved into the intent and societal  purpose of building temples in ancient India, and the other influences  in the architectural styles of South Indian temples.

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