122 - Blockchain and eGovernance | Prof. Abhay Karandikar | Krishna Vishwanath | Bharatvaarta
BharatvaartaJune 03, 2021x
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122 - Blockchain and eGovernance | Prof. Abhay Karandikar | Krishna Vishwanath | Bharatvaarta

IIT Kanpur hosts India's National Blockchain Project which is working on  several eGovernance ideas. This discussion features two experts related  to eGovernance.  Professor Abhay Karandikar is best known for his work in the  telecommunications sector in India. Professor Karandikar is an engineer  who taught for several years at IIT Bombay, has been associated with  institutions like C-DAC, Telecom Standards Development Society of India  and is a part time member of TRAI. He has been the Director at IIT  Kanpur since 2018. With IIT Kanpur hosting the National Blockchain  Project, there’s no better person than him to understand what India  plans to use Blockchain for the eGovernance space.  Krishna Vishwanath is an entrepreneur and investor based out of Pune. He  calls himself a student of Blockchain, by which he means a PhD student  at Symbiosis. Before he got enamoured with Blockchain, Krishna has  worked extensively in the Indian capital markets. He was one of the  first investment bankers in the country when ICICI got into the  traditional merchant banking business and is an alumnus of IIM  Ahmedabad. Krishna is also the ex-boss of two of the Bharavaarata  co-founders Aashish and Srivatsa.  We talked about the concept of Blockchain at a very fundamental level -  how it relates to the way humans organize. We explored if the  distributed, permission-less concept can be fitted in the centralized  governance structures we have evolved over time. Many initiatives are  being led by IIT Kanpur using the concept of Blockchain and there was a  detailed discussion on evolution of these.   We also talked about how some of these academic innovations are used by  the government and the industry. The guests discussed the broad process  of commercialization of the research and development work done by the  academia.  

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