#115 - Revisiting Modinomics | India's Post-Pandemic Recovery | Harsh Gupta
BharatvaartaMay 16, 2021x
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#115 - Revisiting Modinomics | India's Post-Pandemic Recovery | Harsh Gupta

On this episode of the Long India Series, listen to Economist, Author, and Investor, Harsh Gupta, speak about why he is bullish about India’s growth. Harsh’s much acclaimed book, A New Idea of India, which he co-authored with friend and investor, Rajeev Mantri, is a compelling analysis of India’s social, economic, and political conditions and a prognosis for its imminent rise to power. 
 In 2017, Harsh introduced ‘Modinomics’ as an overarching term to describe Prime Minister Modi’s policies and in this conversation we revisit its various elements, including fiscal policy consolidation while increasing infra spend, monetary policy hawkishness and low inflation, structural reforms like GST, RERA, and bankruptcy law, formalisation of the economy through digitalisation, and state capacity creation and smart welfare.
Along the way, we discuss how India can move on from the pandemic and also make good on our immense potential for growth owing to the convergence of macroeconomic, technological, and geopolitical trends. This is a fascinating conversation for anyone interested in understanding India’s prospects for growth this decade. You can follow Harsh’s views on Twitter (@harshmadhusudan) and Substack (Long India). This podcast is available on YouTube, Apple, Google, Spotify, Breaker, Stitcher, and other popular platforms. 
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