#084 - India In The Foreign Press | Ruchir Sharma, Vishal Ganesan
BharatvaartaJanuary 19, 2021x
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#084 - India In The Foreign Press | Ruchir Sharma, Vishal Ganesan

India’s coverage in the foreign media is subject to much debate – we often cringe or complain about the vast divergence between reality and perception.  

Is this a recent phenomenon or is there a historical precedence? What is the impact of this coverage? Are there state policies invested in what is seen and heard about India? Will we move away from the motifs of “caste, cows, and curry”? What can India do to control its narrative? How can “reverse the gaze”?  

Joining us for this fascinating conversation are Ruchir Sharma (Media Critic, Popular Commentator) and Vishal Ganesan (Curator of @HindooHistory), who take us through the depths and nuances of the matter. While Ruchir brings in contemporary references of how and why foreign media covers India the way it does, Vishal retraces back to how India has been portrayed in the West over hundreds of years and draws upon philosophical and theological references. This is a rich, insightful discussion about India that is a must listen for everyone.  

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