#072 - The Rural-Urban Divide | Abhinav Prakash Singh & Rohit Jayaraman
BharatvaartaDecember 10, 2020x
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#072 - The Rural-Urban Divide | Abhinav Prakash Singh & Rohit Jayaraman

On this episode of the Bharatvaarta podcast, we discuss the rural – urban dichotomies of India and challenge some long held notions about India’s politics and policy with our guests Abhinav Prakash Singh (Professor, Columnist) and Rohit Jayaraman (Political Commentator).   

Abhinav begins the discussion with laying the context for the reality the demographic numbers reflect while Rohit talks about the impact that this has had in terms of Politics and Policy. We move on to discussing urban and rural representation with the backdrop of the ongoing farmer protests in some parts of the country. Then Abhinav contrasts the Ambedkar and Gandhi vision of India and the social impact of urbanization, while Rohit adds how this issue has been represented by the media and general commentariat. We end with how our politics can better represent the Indian voter. This is a fascinating deep dive into a fundamental schism that impacts all manner of politics, policy, and culture in the country.   

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