Architecture is the art and science of designing the space around us as per our imagination and requirements. It is the reflection of cultural heritage , the economic progress and also identity of the people of a particular region. To bring out some fascinating stories from the world of Architecture across different corners of the globe ‘Worksphere’ presents ‘ArchiCast’.

Throughout history, people have used raw earth to construct their living spaces. Every continent and nearly every country has a rich heritage of earthen structures. Tabo Monastery in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, is India's oldest earthen structure. It, too, was built with adobe and has survived Himalayan winters since 996 AD.In this episode of Archicast we will be talking about ‘Vernacular Earth Architecture in the trans himalayan region Ladakh’.

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Written by: Urban Planner Shriya 

Direction, Sound & Voice : Shweta Kulkarni

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