Architecture is the art and science of designing the space around us as per our imagination and requirements. It is the reflection of cultural heritage, economic progress, and also the identity of the people of a particular region. To bring out some fascinating stories from the world of Architecture across different corners of the globe ‘Worksphere’ presents ‘ArchiCast’.

 Building With Plastic

“Our Planet is Choking on Plastic” quotes the United Nations. While plastic has many useful applications, we have developed a dependence on single-use plastic products, which has serious environmental, social, economic, and health consequences. These single-use plastic items can be found everywhere. They have become an essential part of many of our daily lives. While many measures are taken to reuse and recycle the plastic, the world of architecture perceives plastic as a resilient building material.

 In this episode we will be talking about ‘Innovations in using plastic as a building material ’.

Written by : Urban Planner Shriya 

Direction ,Sound & Voice : Shweta Kulkarni

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