Ep. 30: 9XM SoundcastE Nakash Aziz

Ep. 30: 9XM SoundcastE Nakash Aziz

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

This week, host Eva is joined by singer of superhits like ‘Sari Ke Fall Sa’&‘Gandi Baat’ (R...Rajkumar), ‘Jabra Fan’ (Fan), and ‘Slow Motion’(Bharat) - Nakash Aziz. He has lent his voice for actors like SRK, Salman Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, and Ranbir Kapoor.

Listen to his fantastic journey of assisting A.R. Rahman on some of his biggest projects, how Pritam discovered the ‘fun’ side in him & gave him his best songs, till date and the lessons learned, from both of them.

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T-Series – ‘Afghan Jalebi’, ‘Slow motion’, ‘Walla Walla’

Eros – ‘Sari Ke Fall Sa’

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