Ep. 154 9XM SoundcastE ft. Dino James
9XM SoundcastEJune 03, 2022x
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Ep. 154 9XM SoundcastE ft. Dino James

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

Rapper, singer-songwriter, composer, music producer and YouTube sensation, Dino James, talks about his evolving creative discipline, his latest album ‘D’ and his experiments with different genres as a multi-faceted artist.  

From releasing his videos on YouTube, without any support to creating an impact through his hard-hitting lyrics, gathered from real-life experiences, and earning his fans to his recent association with Def Jam India, Dino has come a long way.  

Listen to the honest revelations and some practical tips by the self-made rapper, who’s songs rake in 100M+ streams, as he talks about the ‘art of detachment’ from one’s success or stardom, as it is not permanent!




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