On this week's episode of 9XM SoundcastE, host Eva Bhatt is joined by prolific Singer/Composer/Lyricist - Arko Pravo Mukherjee. Arko has lent his voice to famous songs like “Nazm Nazm” (Bareilly ki Barfi), “Tere Sang Yaara”(Rustom), and “Teri Mitti” (Kesari). He is also the first Indian Artist who featured on the US Billboard Dance Club 50 Charts (for his single ‘Reeva’).

Arko shares his journey of being a gold medallist in MBBS to plunging into the world of music, traditional training of Rabindra sangeet in his childhood to his craze for Rock music in adolescence. He also talks about the current situation of royalty rights in India for artists and why he has stopped doing remix songs.

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