Santa Meta Quanta
3 Techies Banter #3TBDecember 27, 202200:22:4120.83 MB

Santa Meta Quanta

Samiran GhoshSamiran GhoshCo-Host
Nilesh PatankarNilesh PatankarCo-Host
Sheetal ChoksiSheetal ChoksiCo-Host

Who is Santa Claus? Is he the source of unending joy and happiness for children worldwide that we have all been led to believe? 

Or could he be the first MCU hero with superpowers like super speed, super insight and a super cool ride. 

Or, as we, at 3TB, suspect, he is a tech geek who loves playing around with quantum mechanics with the right splattering of AI, digital cloning, warp-speed mobility and other alien tech. 

OMG - could Santa be an alien?

Find out in the 3TB Christmas special.

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