Ek Step, Do Step, Teen Step - Step by Digital Step
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Ek Step, Do Step, Teen Step - Step by Digital Step

Samiran GhoshSamiran GhoshCo-Host
Nilesh PatankarNilesh PatankarCo-Host
Sheetal ChoksiSheetal ChoksiCo-Host

Which "EdTech" has had the most impact on the Indian education ecosystem? While they would loathe being narrowly defined as an ed-tech entity- the answer undoubtedly is EkStep.

To appreciate the impact, we must first understand the landscape - 250 million children, 9.4 million teachers, 20+ languages and 60 education boards. In five years, the EkStep team accomplished the following: 

  • Created 50 billion+ minutes of learning
  • Reached 180 million+ children and 7 million+ teachers
  • Digitally activated 600 million+ textbooks. And the list goes on.

Shankar Maruwada, Co-Founder and CEO, EkStep Foundation, joins us to discuss this incredible journey, what inspired it and what lies ahead.

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