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3TB Shorts 3: Donald Duck's Sister, Geopolitics and the Peanut Butter Sandwich

People find all kinds of new ways to use tech and devices. In 2010, the United States Air Force used 1,760 PlayStation 3 consoles to build a supercomputer for the Department of Defense. They used PS3s because it was more cost-efficient and “green.”

Closer to home, we had washing machines making lassi and buffaloes using Lifebuoy. So we thought - why not find out if ChatGPT knew how to take out a peanut butter sandwich stuck inside a VCR? The caveat - the instructions should be in the tonality of the St. James Bible.

That and more in this ROFL-worthy edition of Shorts.

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BTW - When the first VCR (Video Camera Recorder) was made in 1956, it was the size of a piano.

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