Dreaming of Everest and climbing new heights with Saachi Dhillon
Unbound with MamtaaMarch 10, 202300:31:00

Dreaming of Everest and climbing new heights with Saachi Dhillon

We are back with a yet another exciting episode with a new guest this week. We have with us a Saachi Dhillon who is Traveller, Writer, Adventurer & lot more which we will get to know through this conversation.

Saachi shares with us her lifetime travel experiences which will surely inspire you. Her dream, vision, purpose in life will make you connect dots with your dreams as well.

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About the Guest: Saachi Dhillon is a traveller, writer, and adventurer who has been to 23 countries. Her debut book, Dreaming Of Everest, an Amazon Bestseller, chronicles her 130-km journey to the Everest Base Camp. The story inspires people to realize impossible dreams and proves that limitations exist only in the mind. An award-winning marketer, Saachi has many accolades to her name including being recently recognized as India's Top 50 PR and Communication Professionals. In her professional career, she leads marketing at National Geographic India, a part of the Walt Disney Company.

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