TA Tech w/Peter Weddle
The Recruitment FlexMarch 19, 202400:33:06

TA Tech w/Peter Weddle

This week we welcome Peter Weddle CEO at TATech

  • From North Virginia, arguably the most beautiful part of the USA.

  • With 26 books written and a columnist for the Wall Street Journal Peter’s insight into the world of work, he shares sage advice to those considering what AI will do for the Recruiter.

  • The early days of TATech the foundation was to create a trade organization and Code of Ethics. Creating a trust source for buyer and TA Tech vendors. The one and only TATech Buyers guide was born.

  • Peter and his team have created the incredible opportunity for TA Tech to come together with investors & analysts to make deals happen. 

  • Mic drop, TA should manage HR, makes perfect sense.