Social Media Wars
The Recruitment FlexJuly 14, 202300:41:44

Social Media Wars

After Shelley’s brief trip across the pond, Serge is happy to be back with his favourite co-host.

Just when we thought life couldn't get better, Serge and Shelley are awarded TA Tech’s Top 100 thought leaders.

In the News

  • Appcast acquires Bayard Advertising to create the worlds largest recruitment marketing firm 

  • Indeed is testing using employer data to help you write a better jobs ad. Role credits: ChatGPT

  • The US job market cooled a tiny bit in June - but consider US employers had continued to add jobs now for the last 30 month.

  • On the home front, Calgary lands a global HR tech firm as their North American HQ. Welcome Vantage Circle. 

  • Threads by Meta wont kill Twitter, its more like new users who keep comparing everyone to their old girlfriend/boyfriend. 

Tip of the Week

  • Write a better diversity statement on your job ad

Recruiting Insights

  • With time to hire averages at 255 days, someone needs to get fired.

  • More regrets from Elon Musk. If you let someone go, and then regret doing it, can you accuse Mark Zuckerberg of stealing trade secrets? 

  • New US law for employees with new borns falls painfully short of basic care for mother and child.