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RecFest USA Special

RecFest USA Special

It seems everywhere we went, there were long lost cousins of Serge or home town friends,


Southern hospitality is alive and well in Nashville. We made lots of friends and talked to lots of TA professionals from all over

In the News

  • With no statement from, we have a reliable source saying their layoff was 40% of their staff.

  •  Cyber security professionals as Uber drivers, we hear first hand and then confirmed the news with announcements from several firms laying people off. Stay calm and carrying on - they wont be unemployed for long.

  • Employees disengaged is not news or is it? The debate between Serge and Shelley continues.

Highlights of RecFest

  • AI was in the title of 80% of the presentation titles, yet no one walked away with clarity on exactly what part of the HR process is actually using it. 

  • DEI was a big topic with an entire stage on day 2 hearing from the front line practitioners.

  • PLUM stole the show. The Canadian TA tech firm brought the house down with their Swipe Right, HR’s Ultimate Match Game. AND with hosting the kick off event to RecFest complete with purple cowboy hats and Chad & Cheese PLUS a professional hair braiding team beautifying everyone made them the fan favorite!