The Recruitment FlexAugust 18, 2023x
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Mice and Men

This week on TRF we cover:

  • August has been a weird month so far. Both of us had unpleasant encounters with nature invading our personal space. Picture bugs and mice in the house.

  • Would you expect to pay more because of your gender? We weren't sure how to feel about an event designed to attract women into IT that charged men more to attend.

  • Amazon continues to fall from grace - we may see the A in FANG removed due to their continued blunders in how they treat their employees.

Upcoming Events

  • RecFest - Nashville Sept 13 & 14
  • DisruptHR - Halifax Sept 14th
  • HR Tech - Las Vegas Oct 10-13
  • DisruptHR Calgary - September 21st

In the news

  • Indeed reports 50% decline in paid ads

  • Tutoring firm settles a claim alleging their recruiting algorithm was ageist - we suspect other wise.

  • The US job market continues to cool - but not really, its just returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Tip of the Week

  • The tool of last resort, the Sign On Bonus. When, how much and why to use it as bait

Recruiting Insights

  • Roblox redefines early career recruiting! They offer a 3D immersive experience for potential employees - brilliant

  • Asking ChatGPT to spot red flags on resume, in the wrong hands, this will spell disaster. Experienced recruiters will need to teach it what a red flag really is. 

  • TA Tech - deciding on Good, Fast or Cheap. We weigh in on how to define it and when to pick from the 3 options.