Corporate Tinder
The Recruitment FlexJuly 21, 202300:41:57

Corporate Tinder

Another exciting week in Talent Acquisition.

This week we cover:

  • Blue sky over head and green grass under foot, RecFest US - Nashville, BiCentennial Park, September 13 & 14. 

  • Does being late to every zoom meeting qualify as ‘time blindness’? We take shots at Sarah Trefren when her whining to be accommodating for her condition on TikTok went viral. 

  • Threads seem to be going limp. 

  • Listing your salary history on your Linked In profile; we are too Canadian for that!

In the news

  • Canadian unemployment rose to 5.4%

  • Indeed Flex, the contingency staffing firm in the UK, launches Same Day Pay. 

Tip of the week

  • Evergreen job posting advice

Recruiting Insights 

  • Using AI to make the hiring decision is a bit of a headline grabber, we won't see mass adoption in our lifetime. 

  • Work love bombing is the same toxic behaviour seen in romantic relationships - it's never a good look.

  • Corporate Tinder is a 1 way video interview. Finally we are all on the same page of what a horrible idea this was in the first place.