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Commuting my Life Away

This week on TRF we cover:

  • When you realize your children are genetically predisposed to Monster Trucks, Serge shares some fun facts about his Guinness World Book of Records status.

  • Shout out to TD Insurance! They earned a 5-star review from Shelley.

  • The final word on fixing the gender pay gap from our perspective.

  • Both TA & L&D leadership roles are predominantly held by women according to a global survey of 600,000 in HR. Added bonus, the career paths for each will surprise you.

In the news


  • LinkedIn rolls out ID verification in Canada - and its free!

  • If it feels like there are more cars on the road, there are. 4 out of 5 employees drive to work, exceeding the number of commuters to levels in 2016.

Tip of the Week

  • Know who your talent competitors are. Research outside of your industry to understand the choices job seekers have. 

Recruiting Insights

  • Practical advice on ways to prove you have a culture of opportunity. Beyond single step promotions, the definition of opportunity can be defined at different points in your career.

  • Survey said, “40% of Hiring Managers admit lying to candidates”, we go deeper to explain why recruiters believe the number is much bigger.

  • This needs to be mandatory on everyone’s interview guide. Ask this simple question and you will easily separate the mediocre from the great people managers.


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