The Recruitment FlexJuly 18, 2023x
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CEO w/VanHack

This week Ilya Brotzky from VanHack joins us and there is lots to celebrate.

As they round the corner to nearly 2,000 hires and the VC market fell in love with what they do and how they are doing it with a $3M funding.

As a champion for improvement to immigration, Ilya explains the Canadian tech talent strategy announcements made by Sean Frazer Minister of Immigration for Canada at the Collision conference in Toronto.

  • Ilya shares his journey and some key announcements to Canada’s immigration policy.

  • STEM talent gets express entry

  • Processing times for work permits are improving

  • Entrepreneurs coming to Canada get the red carpet

  • The digital nomad visa, everyone wins! 

  • We debate the idea of 10,000 H1B visa holders making their way north to Canada, perhaps motivated by the 50 year wait for a green card