Rob Barber: Golden Africa Safaris
The Postcard Travel ShowJune 01, 2023x
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Rob Barber: Golden Africa Safaris

Rob Barber is the founder of Golden Africa Safaris, a company that offers curated journeys of distinction. The company stands apart by shunning pre-planned itineraries. Rob begins by understanding each traveler's unique motivations, their "why," and then crafts experiences tailored to their desires. Regardless of the adventure curated for you, one thing remains constant: a deep dive into the heart of Botswana's breathtaking Okavango Delta, a UNESCO Heritage Site.

But what really makes Golden Africa Safaris special, is Rob himself. In this episode, he tells host Elizabeth about the hunter-gatherer tribes of the region, who have one of the oldest bloodlines in the world, and how they've become like family to him. He speaks of the wildlife, leopards in particular, with whom he’s formed a kindred relationship.

We could go on, but we recommend you listen in to discover Rob’s incredible journey and the magic of Golden Africa Safaris. 

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