Getting Inclusive AF with Stefaa De Vreese
The Inclusive AF PodcastMay 17, 202300:40:09

Getting Inclusive AF with Stefaa De Vreese

In this episode, we talk with Stefaa DeVreese. Stefaan (he/him), born and raised in Belgium, is a true serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Titanology, a unique business development platform for LGBTQ+ business owners and allies. He is also the founder of and co-founder of BeNeLux LGBTQ+ Business Chamber. After more than 2 decades of building companies, serving big corporate businesses, helping them analyze and streamline their teams, systems, and leadership … he came out of the closet at 36 years old and chose to use his knowledge to help people from the LGBTQ+ Community to start, build and grow their own self-sustaining businesses around their passion, so they can have that life of freedom we all desire and deserve! As a former basketball coach for 20+ years, it's safe to say that coaching is his passion, as a public speaker and community builder his mission is to show every LGBTQ+ Business Owner how powerful they truly are! Stefaan De Vreese aka The Gay Business Titan.

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