The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited)May 24, 2022
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Sue Ingram - Handling Dramatic Hiring Managers

How you can handle panicking managers

Tips for partnering with your hiring managers!

It was a thrill to speak to & giggle with my good friend, Sue Ingram. An executive coach and a trainer who shows managers how to get extraordinary work out of perfectly ordinary people, and how to have feedback conversations. (While she was recovering from an awful cold!)

In our conversation we covered plenty, including:

  • the importance of feedback conversations or, more aptly, 'generous' conversations
  • her brilliant book, Fire Well
  • the problem with promoting people & not training them!
  • dealing with 'drama' hiring managers who cry wolf or explode & why managers behave this way
  • you must know your worth. MUST.
  • how to handle managers who want unicorns
  • the importance of partnering & learning
  • developing a support network
  • planning a difficult conversation eBook

Grab a cuppa, pen and paper and settle in! ✍🏻