Is Udupi College Admin's Prohibition on Hijab Inside Classrooms Legal?
The Big StoryJanuary 20, 2022
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Is Udupi College Admin's Prohibition on Hijab Inside Classrooms Legal?

It has been three weeks since eight Muslim students of a government pre-university college for women, in Karnataka’s Udupi district, were barred by the college authorities from attending classes in their hijab.

As the prohibition continues, The Quint spoke to two of the students – AH Almas and Aliya Assadi – who describe their ordeal with the college management to be nothing short of "mental harassment."

However, the college has said that wearing the hijab would violate the college dress code that has been put in place to ensure uniformity in classes.

In this episode of The Big Story, we bring to you voices of these students to understand their side of the story as they ask why can't they be entitled to both their religious identity and their education?

A meeting held recently on 19 December 2021, between the Udupi assistant commissioner, district officials, parents, and college authorities, also turned out to be futile, with the management refusing to budge.

But is the college’s ban on hijab in classrooms, citing the institution's dress code, legal or illegal? What does the law say?

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