The Big StoryNovember 11, 2020
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How Did The BJP Manage A Comeback in State Elections?

After facing a series of losses in the last few state elections, the BJP finally landed a stellar victory for themselves.

Despite the glaring unemployment problem and the weakened economy due to the pandemic, if the Bihar elections and the bypolls results tell us anything, it's this that BJP knows how to manage elections.

Although the party couldn't become the single largest party in Bihar, they made a noteworthy expansion into the state on their own, by winning 31 more seats than the JD(U). In the bypolls held across 11 states, it was a BJP sweep in 40 out of the 59 seats that went to polls.

And all this comes as a major boost for the party at a time when it was looking like they had lost their winning streak after their resounding 2019 Lok Sabha victory.

While they were practically decimated in Delhi, and Jharkhand, their overreaching expansionist tactics cost them dearly in Maharashtra, and in Haryana they retained power but with a weakened vote share. So, how did the BJP make a comeback in the states this election season despite the unfavourable conditions? What worked for them? Tune in to The Big Story!

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