Delhi Riots Investigation: Gaps Between Police Claims & Facts?
The Big StoryJune 12, 2020
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Delhi Riots Investigation: Gaps Between Police Claims & Facts?

Over the past few weeks, the Delhi Police have been filing charge sheets in a number of cases related to Delhi riots that had taken place late in February. According to police records, 751 cases were filed related to the violence that happened in waves over three days in certain areas of North East Delhi that ended up killing 53 people.

At the core of these charge sheets is a common theory of the riots being a planned conspiracy in the follow up of the NRC-CAA protests.

While one charge sheet alleges a plot to carry out a "big blast" during US President Donald Trump's visit in February, another attempt to draw links between the Tablighi Jamaat. Some others claim women's activist group Pinjra Tod was involved, while some accuse suspended AAP councillor Tahir Hussain of playing a role the riots.

But interestingly, certain details in some of the charge sheets don't add up.

Tune in to The Big Story where we breakdown the details of the charge sheets filed over Delhi Riots.

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