Delhi Minor Dalit Girl's Rape-and-Murder Case, a Reminder of Hathras?
The Big StoryAugust 05, 2021
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Delhi Minor Dalit Girl's Rape-and-Murder Case, a Reminder of Hathras?

A minor Dalit girl was allegedly raped and murdered in the national capital on 1 August.

The four suspects identified as Radhe Shyam, a priest, Laxmi Narayan and Kuldeep Kumar who worked with him, and Mohd Salim, a local resident had allegedly also forcefully cremated the 9-year-old girl, without her family's consent.

Neighbours say that even before her parents could have understood what had happened, the child's body was already 'half-cremated.' By the time the cremation fire was doused, only parts of her legs and some scalp could be retrieved, which has made it difficult to conduct a post-mortem examination.

While the police have arrested the four accused, they are yet to establish the cause of her death. But the case has already triggered furious protests near the Delhi Cantonment area where the family lives. 

Hundreds of citizens have been gathering for four consecutive days next to a makeshift stage, among them activists and Nirbhaya's mother as well, with protesters chanting "We want justice," and "Hang the rapists".

There's also a writhing anger against the police, who the parents alleged of intimidating them into dropping the rape charges initially before the protests broke out.

But let's look at how the incident took place, where does the investigation stand right now, and what the allegations are. In this podcast you'll hear the voices of Gudiya's parents. We'll also bring you voices of protesters from the ground. Tune in!

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