Delhi COVID Turnaround: Cases Dip in July But is The Worst Over?
The Big StoryJuly 28, 2020
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Delhi COVID Turnaround: Cases Dip in July But is The Worst Over?

With a relatively low number of case growth in July, Delhi's COVID data is finally starting to reflect a declining trend. After recording at least 2,000 new cases almost everyday in June, the number of fresh cases in the capital dipped below the 1,000th mark in July, the lowest being 613 new cases on 26th June which was a 62 day low!

Compared to the the last month, when Delhi was spiralling out of control, even overtaking Mumbai's total caseload at a point in time, all numbers from this month in the capital is showing a remarkable improvement.

Along with the dip in number of cases, the case growth rate has slumped to 1.7 percent as per reports, the recovery rate is at 88 percent from what government data shows and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also said that the positivity rate has slipped.

Although the Delhi government credits the ramped up testing strategy for its road to recovery, experts are looking at these impressive developments with a slight amount of skepticism. While the number of cases have visibly dropped in the city, this also interestingly coincides with the Delhi government using more rapid antigen tests which have a high rate of false negative results. So, are we looking at a genuine turnaround or is it Delhi’s testing strategy? What is the situation in hospitals looking like?

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