The Big StoryOctober 20, 2020
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Can Punjab Farm Bills Legally Counter Centre’s Farm Laws?

Amid ongoing farmer protests, Punjab became the first state to move a resolution challenging the three contentious farm laws enacted by the centre.

To negate the central laws, the state assembly passed three Bills which among other things, provide for imprisonment of not less than three years and fines the sale/purchase of wheat or paddy under a farming agreement below MSP.

Farm laws fall under the state ambit and that's why some states are of the opinion that the centre bypassed the federal structure and "illegally" enacted these farm laws. But the Centre in turn argues that their laws deal with trade and commerce of farmers’ produce which falls within the Concurrent list.

While the Punjab government can’t repeal or amend the Farm Laws themselves, or pass their own laws to nullify its effect, now we have two sets of farm legislations at loggerheads with each other. Where does this fit in within the constitutional framework of the country? Tune in!


Producer and Host: Shorbori Purkayastha
Guests: Prasanna S, Supreme Court Advocate & Founding trustee, Article 21 Trust
Editor: Shelly Walia

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