Story of Muchukund
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Story of Muchukund

Muchukund was the son of King Mandhata of Ikshvaku dynasty, an ancestor of Shri Ram.

Once, in battle, Asuras defeated Devtas so Indra came to Muchukund to seek his help. Indra requested Muchukunda to fight for Devtas as their commander. Muchukunda accepted Indra’s request and fought a very long battle against Asuras alongside Devtas.

In the end Indra asked Muchukund what he wanted in return of his help. Muchukund was sleep deprived and very tired because of the hard-fought battle so he says that he wants undisturbed sleep.

Indra grants him his wish and says whoever wakes him from his sleep will burn to ashes.

Muchukund comes back to earth, finds a secluded cave and goes to sleep inside it.