Recruiting Future with Matt AlderSeptember 15, 2023
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Promotion, Motivation, Commitment and Retention

Ben Hanowell, Director of People Analytics Research at ADP Research Institute talks to Matt Alder

Attitudes to work are more complex and varied than ever, making identifying trends and patterns harder. There are currently critical questions around retention and productivity that employers need to understand. So, how can we make sense of our ever more complex motivational drivers and attitudes to work?

ADP have access to massive human capital management datasets, and by combining this data with qualitative research, the ADP Research Institute is helping to shine a light on complex questions about work.

ADP Research Institute has recently launched a new quarterly workforce report called Today At Work, and my guest this week is Ben Hanowell, their Director of People Analytics Research. As well as looking at patterns in worker sentiment, the report has revealed a surprising inverse relationship between promotion and retention.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Using data to make sense of the labor market

  • The vital importance of retention

  • The Employee Motivation and Commitment Index

  • The impact of promotion on retention

  • Implications for talent acquisition

  • Why having a good bench is important

  • Individual contributors vs. manager

  • Why career development doesn't end with promotion

  • Motivation and commitment are a state, not a trait.

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