Interview With "Irena's Vow" Actress Sophie Nélisse
Next Best Picture PodcastApril 15, 202400:19:14

Interview With "Irena's Vow" Actress Sophie Nélisse


"Irena's Vow" had its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival, where it received positive reviews for Sophie Nélisse's performance as Irena Gut Opdyke, a Polish nurse who helped to shelter and protect Jewish people during the Holocaust by hiding them in the cellar of the home where she was employed as a housekeeper by Nazi officer Eduard Rügemer. Nélisse was kind enough to spend some time talking with us about her experience making the film, how it compares to her time working on "The Book Thief," who she has coming up next in her career, and more. Please be sure to check out the film, which is now playing in select theaters from Quiver Distribution in the U.S. Thank you, and enjoy!

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