Why The French GP Might NOT Be A Stinker + 5 Things To Watch For
Inside Line F1 PodcastJune 17, 2021x
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Why The French GP Might NOT Be A Stinker + 5 Things To Watch For

The French Grand Prix is the ONE race that almost every fan fears. Okay, maybe Abu Dhabi as well. For all the history associated with France and Grand Prix racing, the Circuit Paul Ricard almost always fails to deliver a worthy race. In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Soumil and Kunal preview the upcoming 2021 French Grand Prix. 

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Circuit Paul Ricard is a bit of a standout in many ways - the sheer number of circuit configurations, sprinkler systems, red-blue run-off areas and so on. While the circuit is great for testing, is it really worth going to for a Formula 1 race? Well, now that we're here for the third time in this era, let's look at some of the stories that could light up the weekend. 

Mercedes-Hamilton will be itching to bounce back & regain momentum in the title battle against Red Bull Racing-Verstappen. Will the FIA's new Technical Directive with regards to using the Pirelli tyres impact the intense title battle we have witnessed yet? Can Perez score back-to-back wins for RBR before Verstappen? As for Aston Martin Racing, they made their Grand Prix debut 99 years ago at the French Grand Prix. Will they be able to drive the momentum built in Monaco & Baku to further heights in France?

And of course, there's the Mclaren vs. Ferrari battle in the mid-field along with Alpine, AlphaTauri and maybe even Alfa Romeo. There's a lot of narratives to look forward to this weekend but nothing will replace a classic race on-track. May the Racing Gods bless us all. Tune in! 

(Season 2021, Episode 36)

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