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Verstappen Tears-Off Everyone: 2022 Belgian GP Review

The 2022 Belgian Grand Prix will be remembered for Max Verstappen-Red Bull Racing's dominance; a race that Verstappen won from 14th place. However, there were lots of talking points from the race otherwise. 'Plan G', remember?

And also, Lewis Hamilton's refusal to visit the circuit medical centre after his opening lap incident with Fernando Alonso. Tune in to our 2022 Belgian GP review episode.

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Soumil, Sundaram & Kunal re-live their memories from our first-ever live stream with Steve Slater while also dissecting key moments from the race. Ferrari's bold (or silly!) strategy with Charles Leclerc for the fastest lap of the race. Their 'question' to drivers on tyre strategy choices. Mclaren's inability to attack or defend, Esteban Ocon's double double overtakes and more.

(Season 2022, Episode 51)

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