Miami GP Preview with Bob Varsha & America in F1 Stories
Inside Line F1 PodcastMay 04, 2022x
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Miami GP Preview with Bob Varsha & America in F1 Stories

Here it is, our Miami GP preview with Bob Varsha, the 'Voice of F1' in America.

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In this episode, Bob, Soumil and Kunal discuss various topics - from the overreaction around the 'fake marina' to the talks around Miami replacing Monaco, Formula 1's original 'Crown Jewel'. Is the Miami model one that other circuits can follow - the coverage, the hype, the build-up and hopefully the entertainment, too. 

The Andretti-Sauber deal is now history. But does Bob see more potential in Andretti's interest in starting a Formula 1 team from scratch? What about an American driver in Formula 1? Lots of insights in this 70+ mins long chat. We hope you enjoy our conversation.

(Season 2022, Episode 25)

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Image courtesy: @F1Miami, Twitter