Le Mans Says No To Formula 1
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Le Mans Says No To Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg claimed that they 'cleared the air' over their collision at the 2016 Spanish GP. But we're in Formula 1 - we don't clear the air, we dirty it! In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Mithila & Kunal give you a sneak peek into the conversation between the two not-so-bitter title rivals.

Le Mans has rejected Formula 1 - by saying NO to the FIA's proposal to race at the legendary Le Mans circuit. What hurts more is that MotoGP already races there! Hamilton is keen to race in MotoGP too, presumably to take some more selfies.

We give you our predictions for our favourite race of the year. Can Max Verstappen pull off another victory? Hamilton has not won in Monaco since 2008. In fact, he's never won here with Mercedes. Maybe he needs to focus on his opening lap strategy and quit pretending to be James Bond!

There's also chatter about Formula 1 drivers racing in the Indy Car series one day. While Perez is open, Hamilton has declined interest. But we wonder if that's possible and if it is fair, after all, the Indy Car series is all-American.

Finally, we tell you why Rosberg moving to Ferrari is only a rumour (he's not good enough!) and how the rumours of Hamilton missing the Monaco GP came about (he wanted to party on Saturday night). Will the new Red Bull Racing engine update propel the team to the podium? McLaren claims they will dethrone Mercedes, does that mean they will have Alonso and Button crash into each other? Oh yes, we also tell you why they have 'Sensodyne' as their sponsor.

Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 17)

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