28: Fernando Alonso Can't Be F1's Ambassador
Inside Line F1 PodcastAugust 30, 2018x
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28: Fernando Alonso Can't Be F1's Ambassador

Formula 1 hopes that Fernando Alonso will be the sport's ambassador despite choosing to race elsewhere in 2019\. Well, we're certain Alonso (also Briatore?) wouldn't mind the 'ambassadorship' if it comes with some money & maybe a guarantee of a faster car in the future? Either way, why Formula 1 would ask Alonso to be their ambassador baffles us. The double World Champion has only had negative things to say about the sport for the last many years.

In this week's episode of the [Inside Line F1 Podcast](http://bit.ly/ilf1ponkf1b), we wonder how many drivers would Mclaren and Red Bull Racing have approached to fill their cockpits for 2019; any guesses? We actually did some math on the show. A manufacturer-customer relationship (a la Ferrari-Haas) might actually be good for the sport - it should reduce the performance gaps we see currently. And finally, how soon before Formula 1 tries the heads-up display visor that Super Formula tested a days ago? Tune in! 

(Season 2018, Episode 28) 

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