Inside Job Boards and Recruitment MarketplacesDecember 08, 202200:27:2625.18 MB

Are micro-internship marketplaces the same or different from project-based marketplaces?

Kristin Schrader of Parker Dewey

Internships, at their core, are temp-to-perm employment opportunities that allow both the employer and the student to work together for usually a few months to see if they're a good fit. Parker Dewey has taken that to another level with what it calls micro-internships, projects that typically last five to 40 hours. Many of these projects are similar to what you'd find on project-based recruitment marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork, but the completion of the Parker Dewey project, ideally, is only the beginning.

Kristin Schrader is the Director of Partnerships at Parker Dewey, an organization dedicated to making the path from college-to-career as equitable as possible. Kristin's team has created partnerships with more than 500 colleges and nonprofits to connect students and employers via micro-Internships.

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