Igniting Ideas For Impact

Igniting Ideas For Impact

Can you help fight climate change by contributing just 30 seconds of your day? Can artificial intelligence prepare meals reminiscent of your mother’s cooking? How are thousands of senior citizens harnessing the power of social media to fight misinformation?

‘Igniting Ideas for Impact’, an audiobook by Accenture India and The Better India, embarks into a journey of exploring these and more transformatory ideas over a course of six chapters.

Traversing India’s landscape, we delve deep into some of the nation’s pioneering startups and the revolutionaries behind them. The people you will hear from in this book include Geetha Manjunath talking about her transformative battle for early breast cancer detection; Saket Modi on his global mission for cyber security; Aishwarya Karnataki on her endeavour to include thousands living with an invisible disability; and Manish Amin on his goal of printing human organs to save millions of lives – to name a few.

We speak to Indians wheeling in sea change across sustainability, women in leadership, deep tech, innovation, artificial intelligence, and the future of the workforce.