Chasing Brian Johnson
HR Collection PlaylistApril 10, 202400:55:45

Chasing Brian Johnson

It's the inaugural episode of Talent Chasing, where we dive deep into the multifaceted world of sports and talent discovery. Our hosts, Chad Sowash and Jasper Spanjaart, along with special co-host and featured guest, Brian Johnson, a former Major League Baseball player and scout, share an intimate look into the journey of identifying and nurturing talent. 

From Brian's early days as a high school athlete juggling the demands of being a standout in both baseball and football, to his tenure at Stanford playing under the shadows of future NFL greats and baseball legends, this episode uncovers the raw and real path of an athlete determined to make his mark. Hear about the challenges and triumphs, including a pivotal injury that shifted Brian's career trajectory from the football field to the baseball diamond, and his eventual role as a major league scout.

This episode isn't just about sports; it's about the lessons learned, the mentors who guide us, and the decisions that define our paths. It's a candid conversation about the pressures of recruitment, the importance of fundamentals, and the undying passion for the game.

Whether you're a sports fan, an aspiring athlete, or someone fascinated by the behind-the-scenes workings of talent management, this episode offers something for everyone. Join us as we chase talent, chase dreams, and uncover the stories that inspire us all to strive for greatness.


Stay tuned for more episodes of Talent Chasing, where we continue to explore the untold stories of the sports world and the people who make it extraordinary.