The Inside Battle Against Disinformation: The U.S. Intelligence Community
DisinformationNovember 02, 202300:22:09

The Inside Battle Against Disinformation: The U.S. Intelligence Community

"The federal government is stepping up its efforts to counter foreign disinformation."

In this episode, we explore the lesser-known agencies within the United States Intelligence Community. With the rise of false information and disinformation as a major threat, the federal government is increasing its efforts to counter foreign disinformation. The Director of National Intelligence discusses the establishment of a farm line influence center and their work in understanding the plans and intentions of key actors in this space, including China, Russia, and Iran. We also hear fromJoin us as we delve into the complex world of intelligence agencies and the battle against disinformation.

[00:02:11] China, Russia, Iran.

[00:08:01] Russian influence on Sweden.

[00:10:33] Deplatforming and outing actors.

[00:13:19] Government body for investigating disinformation.

[00:19:41] Government organization and enforcement.

[00:21:55] CISA

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