222 - Quo Vadis, Iran? | Esfandyar Batmanghelidj | Velina Tchakarova | Bharatvaarta
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222 - Quo Vadis, Iran? | Esfandyar Batmanghelidj | Velina Tchakarova | Bharatvaarta

Iran has undergone significant changes over the past two to three decades, both domestically and in its relationships with the international community. Domestically, Iran has experienced a political and cultural shift with the rise of religious and conservative elements, leading to increased tensions between the government and opposition groups. On the foreign front, Iran has become more isolated due to its nuclear program, which has led to harsh economic sanctions imposed by the international community. Despite this, Iran continues to play a major role in regional politics. "Quo Vadis" is a latin phrase which roughly translates to "Where are you headed?"

Esfandyar, the founder & CEO of Bourse & Bazaar Foundation a think tank focused on the middle east. In this conversation he spoke about the ongoing protests in Iran, what Iran's current global standing is and where it is heading right now. 

00:00 Sneak Peak
01:00 Introduction
01:48 Iran's Political Protests
05:09 Most realistic scenarios in the short term
12:19 Iran's Potential Nuclear weapons program 
23:13 Iran and Russia's partnership
30:15 Can Iran profit from the evolving Geo-Economic dynamics
42:41 Evolution of Iran's relations with the West
53:27 Positive relations between Iran and its regional rivals? 

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